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Get up to 4 additional mobile numbers with low-cost calls and text messages

The 2ndNumber app provides you with up to 4 truly extra mobile numbers, free calls and chats with other Vyke users, and low-cost calls and SMS for everyone, all of which are used in a simple app .

We have created various profiles on social media, dating sites and websites, but still publish our mobile numbers without consideration. With 2nd number app, you can check your mobile identity by keeping your main number.

Whether you are at home, at work, abroad, visiting, visiting or selling online, you can get different phone numbers for every part of your life. All you have to do is enter any number and input or output voicemail.

main feature

* Up to four mobile phone numbers in the UK, US, Canada, Dutch or Polish
* Any number of free voicemails
* Call or send other Vyke users for free
* Share photos and messages
* Low-cost phone and landline calls
* SMS is in fewer places in the world
* Clear crystal phone
* Keep your personal number secret
* Make and receive calls
* Determine when to send, send or send each number
* Manage who owns your personal number

The level applies to anyone who can use the second line without a second device:

* Online data-prepare your personal private number
* Online sellers-create materials for online sales only
* International travelers-connect to Wi-Fi to avoid roaming charges
* International callers-stay in-tuned with friends and family
* Corporate users-delete your second phone and send your phone number to Vyke
* Tablet users-turn your tablet into a fully functional phone
* International business-make and receive local calls
* Stop annoying calls-create a login number just to stop receiving spam

Get Vyke now to add your extra phone number and save home and international calls and SMS by keeping your identity.

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