Annonytune VPN Apk Download For Android

Official secure client for accessing the server and any OpenVPN services

  Is it an open link?

  OpenVPN Connect is the official Android VPN application developed by OpenVPN, Inc ..  It is a universal client serving the following OpenVPN products:

  Server incoming server-business server solution
OpenVPN compatible server solution for self-hosted servers

  If you need a VPN for private use and do not have your own server, please download Private Tunnel, which is our paid VPN solution for individual users.
Most commercial VPNs on the market actually use OpenVPN as their core service agreement.  OpenVPN Connect is the only VPN client provided by OpenVPN Inc.  Create, develop and maintain your own!
Whether you are setting up a VPN for a large business, protecting home Wi-Fi, connecting securely through a public hub, or using a mobile device, OpenVPN Connect uses the best technology to protect your privacy and security.
Connect your world securely!  Regardless of the complexity or bandwidth of the organization, OpenVPN Connect runs smoothly on all devices.

  Why use annonytune VPN

emost reliable VPN on the market

  The only official VPN client provided by OpenVPN Inc ..  Created and maintained by more than 50 million individuals and businesses worldwide
V VPN free, no ads
OpenVPN Connect is free to use and there will never be ads.  No acceleration, unlimited fast bandwidth for all accounts
Fast and secure connection
When connected via Wi-Fi and hotspots, enterprise-level traffic coding keeps the Internet fast, secure, and encrypted and prevents Internet threats

Easy access to remote networks
Set up and facilitate remote access for your organization to ensure complete security and privacy when using resources at home or on the go

  How do I use open links?

  You will need an existing OpenVPN-compliant server or login server to register, depending on the service you want to use:
The administrator gives you the hostname and username / password.  ⇨ Click on “Incoming Server “.  Enter your hostname, username and password and enjoy full connection security!
The administrator has provided you with the ovpn configuration file.  ⇨ Click on “OVPN Profile”.  Import ovpn files and enjoy full connection security!


  ✓ Use high-end enterprise-grade passwords to create encrypted VPN tunnels.  Data sent through the tunnel is 100% secure
✓ Connect to your office network resources from anywhere, set and manage access rules and connections throughout the office
✓ Encrypt traffic through Wi-Fi and public hotspots to protect connections with hackers and hackers

  who are we?

  OpenVPN Inc. is an industry leader in SSL VPN technology and is a trusted name in Internet security.  Our high-priced open source VPN protocol has become the de facto standard in open source cyberspace.


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