AVG Antivirus Internet Security 2020 For Windows 8/9/10

AVG Internet Security
Get comprehensive security through award-winning antivirus software, ransomware protection, custom firewalls, etc., to make your Internet safe.

    Protect every part of your online life
AVG Internet Security can block viruses and malicious software, protect your email security, protect your personal files, passwords and webcams from hacker attacks, and allow you to shop and bank online without worry.

    Advanced antivirus software-scans the computer for viruses, ransomware, spyware and other types of malicious software.

    Behavior-Send a notification when suspicious software behavior is detected on the computer.

    AI detection-proactively identify malware samples to protect you from new threats.

    CyberCapture-Block new threats by automatically uploading our antivirus software for analysis.

    PUA Scanner-Identifies potentially harmful programs that you have unknowingly downloaded.

    Turbo Scan-shorten scan time by bypassing files you already know

    Real-time updates-make sure to always protect yourself by automatically receiving security updates, bug fixes and new features.

    Do not disturb-temporarily suspend all announcements and program announcements in order to focus on your work.

    Quiet Mode-Release AVG scanning, updates and pop-up windows to avoid downtime.

    The safest way to connect

    By scanning connections, downloads and threats in email attachments and avoiding unsecured Wi-Fi networks to ensure security when surfing the Internet.

    Link Scanner-Avoid dangerous websites by looking for links to any suspicious content.

    Web Shield-Before downloading hidden malware files to your computer, please check them.

    Email Protection-Block dangerous email attachments to prevent you from becoming a victim of phishing attacks.

    Wi-Fi Guard-You will receive an alert when you connect to an insecure Wi-Fi network.

    Remove Toolbar-Remove unwanted or potentially malicious browser toolbars.

    Stay away from hackers and ransoms

    Controlling what goes in and out of your computer protects your files and photos from hacker attacks and protects passwords.

    Extended firewall-prevent hackers from accessing your private files and photos through our wall.

    Ransomware protection-delete your personal files and photos from the wall so that hackers will not block them and control programs that can change or delete them.

    Password protection-prevent “blocked programs” from reading, modifying or deleting the password stored in the browser.

    Including mobile security
AVG Internet Security can also protect your Android, tablet, iPhone and iPad.  Stay safe online, close your apps and private photos, find your lost phone, and keep thieves away from your personal information.