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Free calls and free text messages

With the free phone application Dingtone, you can make unlimited free calls and send free text messages to everyone.  Dingtone also provides you with a toll-free number as the second line, a real phone number with a local call, free calls and SMS. You can call any mobile / landline number in more than 200 countries and territories; your friends don’t have to install the app.

  Make free calls and send text messages
Get the real phone number of your phone / tablet
Make free or toll-free international calls to more than 200 countries
Local phone numbers to choose from: USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, France, Sweden, Mauritius, Poland, Austria, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Denmark, Romania
Call or text friends and family for free
Group calls and conference calls

  Get a real U.S. phone number for free
Add the second and third lines to the phone / tablet
Free calls and texts to any phone number

Free calls and free text messages
With Dingtone, you can make unlimited free internet calls to anyone over WiFi, 3G / 4G data networks without spending any cellular time; invite your family and friends to use free online calling apps and free text messages, now Start saving money.

  U.S. real phone number
Get the real phone number as the second line without adding an additional SIM card. Enjoy unlimited crystal and text calls on your phone and tablet.

  Free or toll-free international call
Dial any mobile / landline phone number in over 200 countries and territories at a very low price. The conversation between Dingtone users is free. The caller ID is backed up, so your friends know you are a caller.



Clear call
Voice calls are transmitted over Dingtone’s dediDingtonecated high-quality VoIP network. With HD voice technology, most online calls between Dingtone users exceed existing regular phone services. Free calls and free calls are not cheap! With Dingtone, you can make or receive calls even when your phone is not receiving well.

Walkie Talkie recreated
Tired of writing on a small screen? Dingtone turns your phone into a real intercom-press the button and talk. It works like a two-way broadcast! Push-to-talk and voice connect seamlessly to a clean intDingtoneerface.

  Outstanding advanced features
Dingtone provides a variety of advanced features including voicemail, call barring, call forwarding, call logging, and more.

Why use Ding Tong?

Ding Tong is super simple and fast. Use it if you don’t have time in your cell or the cellular product is bad. Just download Dingtone and you can make free international calls and send free SMS messages.

Toll free at home and abroad
Unlimited texting to / from someone
Excellent call quality, cellular data and HD voice over wifi
Walkie talkie mode for press and live chat
Group meetings can accommodate up to 8 download
Can leave messages to more than 100 people

The best free calling and free texting app.

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