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By | May 12, 2020

History of the Ustana or Ottoman Saltana or Gazi

Welcome to explore the history of the Ottoman Empire.

The complete history of the Ottoman Empire_ Urdu, the founder of the Ottoman Empire Ghazi Osman

History of Kurus Osmani

This request provides you with information about the Ottoman Empire. Explore the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Read all the articles about the Ottoman Empire, Author: Ertugrul Ghazi

Historical application of the Ottoman Caliphate Angt Ertgrul gazi
The app discusses the Islamic caliphate founded by the founder Osman Ibn Ertugrul
He talked about the great Ottoman Empire that ruled the Ottoman Empire
Sultan Yaws Selim and Suleiman de Magnificent, the conquerors Mohamed II and Abdul Hamid II are God’s grace.
Fully understand the history of Ottoman caliphate and Gaziel Tugler
Internally available
They left a story
* Sudan (dedicated to Mohamed Fatih by Osman I, completed by Suleiman the Magnificent and Nhaita b Mohamed VI)
* Conquest and battle (full battle with Mohaj Galdern Fatah al-Sham and K of Egypt and European invasion opened Algeria, etc.)
* The history of the Ottoman caliphate tells the origins of the Ottoman caliphate and Dirilis Ertugrul before being educated.
The end of the Ottoman caliphate details the dissolution of the Ottoman caliphate and Ertugrul Ghazi
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