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Hashim TV is the best live streaming app more than every application you can watch 50 Channel for free on your Jazz Warid Sim without any limitation

1)Free Pakistani Islamic Channels
2)Free Pakistani News Channels
3)Free Pakistani Drama Channels
4)Free Pakistani Cartoon Channels
5)Free Pakistani Film Channels
6)Free Pakistani Music Channels
7)Free International News Channels
8)Free Sports Channels
9)Free International Channels
10) Free PTV Sports

👉🏻 Channels Working With Internet

1) Pakistani Drama, Islamic, News Channels
2) Indian Channels

And Your Favorite Channels

👉🏻Free Websites

1)Free Daily Newspaper
2)Free BBC Newspaper
3)Free Facebook
4)Free Wikipedia

Free More than 200+ Website Free On Jazz and Warid

•No Tension For Cable Fee.
•No Tension For Internet Bundle.
•No Tension For Recharge Mobile.

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Save Monthly 500+ Rupees.

All In One App
This application is very useful for those people who do not want to install multiple apps because Hashim TV Provides you do all types of channels like Indian-Pakistani news entertainment and Sports channels for free you can watch this Channel for free on your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Free on Jazz
If you are living in Pakistan and if you have Jazz sim then you can watch up to 60 channels for free and you don’t need to buy any data package for this service and this app provides you lifetime service.