Internet Speed Indicater App Download

Display network speed on the status bar to easily monitor your Internet connection

An easier way to monitor network connection speed on Android devices. The NetSpeed ​​indicator shows your current Internet speed on the status bar. The notification area will indicate clear and useless notifications at the speed of direct loading/unloading and/or daily data/WiFi usage.

main feature:
• Real-time Internet speed on the status bar
• Track and monitor daily data and WiFi usage from notifications
• Hide if you are not connected to the network
• No need to pay attention to notifications, allowing you to focus on important things
• very convenient
• Battery and efficient memory
• No ads, no clicks

Functional details:
Add an indicator in the status bar to show mobile data or WiFi speed. This indicator shows the actual speed at which other applications use the Internet. The indicator works in real time and displays the actual speed at any time.

Daily usage data
Track your daily 4G/3G/2G or WiFi data usage directly in the notification bar. If enabled, the notification will show daily mobile data and WiFi usage. You don’t need to keep a separate application to track daily data usage.

It provides an easy way to monitor your network usage and speed throughout the day, without having to open a separate application. In addition, the notification area represents elaborate notifications that require minimal space and minimal attention, so that it will never hinder you.

very convenient
You can fix almost everything you want. Easily indicate and hide the indicator when necessary. Decide where to display the indicator on the status bar, whether to display the indicator on the locked screen, or whether you want to use bytes per second (such as KBps) or fragments per second (such as Kbps) to indicate speed.

Battery and efficient memory
The purpose of creating this indicator is to remember that we do not have an unlimited amount of battery backup, and our experiments show that it consumes significantly less memory than other popular Internet speed programs.

No ads, no tricks
You can pause without ads. No inflated software or unnecessary features can help you focus on what is important to you. It never sends anything over the Internet to protect your privacy.