Kaspersky Antivirus Software For Windows 7/8/10

Kaspersky’s best antivirus software for Windows computers

Block the latest viruses, ransomware, spyware, encryption locks, etc.-and help prevent mining malware from harming your computer performance

Provide real-time antivirus protection
Prevent ransomware, password locks, etc.
Prevent infection with malicious encryption symptoms
Let your computer behave as designed.

Enjoy defense
• Find out if your private account information has been leaked and get advice on the next step
If an unknown application tries to connect to your webcam or microphone, receive real-time notifications*
• Send personal notifications and notifications directly to your device to ensure your safety
* PC, Mac, Android

Improve equipment performance
• Make use of security based on security to make your device quick and easy to use
• Predict and fix problems on the hard drive by reading statistics about its health
• Use special built-in tools to manage storage space and battery life on your Android device.

Everyone has a different experience using their devices and the Internet. At Kaspersky, we believe that security should be for you, not the other way around. Therefore, we have introduced Kaspersky Security Cloud-a brand new solution that takes into account the personality and needs of each security and can be customized for you.

Kaspersky virus protection has been improved in the past two decades. We have used the best award-winning solutions and added our own personalized security technology to create highly personalized solutions that suit your lifestyle to ensure your safety. There are several features that make the service unique, including.

Patented custom security.
Adaptive security technology can be adjusted according to definition and respond to your lifestyle in the ever-changing cyber security situation. Technology brings risks, advises you when you need to take action, and automatically updates device settings when needed. Not only can it protect you from direct online threats, but it can also ensure that the things you care about are safe.

Account-based control.
The service is linked to my My Kaspersky subscriber account, not a license. This means that the security management feature in Kaspersky My allows you to set up security in any way you want. When you purchase our “Family Issue”, you become the primary account holder-allowing you to share security with your family and friends. In this case, everyone will have their own My Kaspersky account, and the solution suits their personal needs and online habits.

Agnostic flexibility on the platform.
The service can run on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. And, if you need to manage your account through a shared device, you can access it on the My Kaspersky website.

The rise of modernity.
Services are constantly evolving. All the latest tools, functions and technologies first appeared in Kaspersky Security Cloud.

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