New Public Management Background And Traditional Model

New Public Management(NPM) Background

New Public Management(NPM) Background is nothing but an approach or model that is widely used in many countries for the public service sector. It is being widely used in every sector whether that is at the national level or international level and whether it is government institute, public institute, or any type of agency. This shows the complete vastness of this approach. Before 1960 people were using a simple traditional management approach that was known as the public management approach. But with the passage of time, they felt that there should be an improvement in this type of approach because the previous public management approach was capable to satisfy the people.

Explanation Of New Public Management(NPM):

This public management approach resolves all the drawbacks with great techniques. There were some drawbacks to the previous simple public management approach like the government was not allowing private sectors to use the resources in maximum numbers. This Management approach made users change it according to them. We can say that this is a very flexible approach. Besides these, New public management distributed the power among all to a low level.


People tried to merge the two administrations named public and private. They decided to merge because there were too many similarities between them and very less differences between them as well. In 1980 this management approach came into being to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and economy. And these three things are the main motive of this approach. A book named “Reinventing Government” was released in 1992 and this book is known as the birth of the New Public management approach. The united nations play a crucial role in New public management approach development. That shows how vital was this one at that time.

Besides the United Nations many others famous agencies and organizations supported the development of this New Public management.

Attributes Of New Public Management(NPM):

This New Public Management Background has 3 main attributes which say that there should be decentralization in which power should be equal among all till the last level. And one of its attributes says that there should be less work bureaucracy.  This approach operates on two different concepts named public administration and business management. Both of these concepts play a vital role in this approach.

Conclusion Of New Public Management(NPM) Background:

And we discussed those aspects in detail in the disadvantages section. If this approach could be able to recover all the criticism or disadvantages then this public management approach is going to rule for long long times. In short, I will rate this management approach as good because it resolves many of the user problems like corruption, biasedness, decentralization, flexibility, accountability, and many more attributes. This application has a major paradigm in which it says that there should be more competition. Doing so will lead to competition. Making a balance between the private and public sectors is important.

Using this approach we can restrict government organizations from using more resources. In resolving the drawbacks this approach failed in some areas and those areas are known as the disadvantages of the New Public Management approach. There are the following disadvantages of this Mannegment approach given here. This approach was not applicable in many countries. In Bangladesh, this approach was not usable because it failed in many aspects. The new public management approach works on privatization. And complete privatization doesn’t lead to success ultimately.

User’s Reviews:

As everything evolves with the passage of time. People were facing issues in traditional Public management and because of this people criticized that technique as well. That is the main reason they need such new public management that should be able to contribute to the market as well. And most importantly this feature resolved the many problems of people as well. But there are some drawbacks or disadvantages of using this NPM over traditional ones like increasing corruption, more decentralization, and trust in private management. As I mentioned above that every model has some positive and negative features. Many countries are using this model to overcome their problems. If this model suits our requirements then we should definitely use it.

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