Pros And Cons Of NPM Approach- New Public Management Approach

Pros And Cons Of NPM(Management Approach)

Why We Need New Public Management(NPM):

People start criticizing the old public management because that was no longer suitable for the public. That was the main reason for introducing new Public management that should be able to replace the previous ones. There were many drawbacks to the previous model. there are Pros And Cons Of NPM(Management Approach). Let’s discuss the main problems in the previous model that leads to New Public Management.

  • The government was using the resources on large scales which leads to the starvation of private sectors.
  • There was not any rational decision making which was a disaster as well.
  • The previous model was not quite efficient.
  • The Tradition public management model was not too flexible and accountable as well. That’s why people were not able to customize it.

All of these problems in the previous model were resolved by the New public management. This model makes sure that it should be flexible enough. There was rational decision-making in it. After that New Public Management model resources were divided equally.

Background Of Pros And Cons Of NPM(Management Approach):

Simple management served many years and many countries get benefits from it as well. But with the passage of time people thought there is a need for new public management and that management should be versatile and market-oriented as well. about 40 years ago People were discussing the similarities between public and private administration. After that discussion, They came to a point that was about the similarities and differences between public administration and private administration. They concluded that Both have more similarities as compared to the differences. That leads towards the merging of both of them and their merging leads to make a new concept named New Public Management(NPM). After the evolution of this great model, many famous organizations start using it. And Many organizations like IMF and other international organizations applied this model in many countries as well. This shows how great this model is. There is a number of Pros And Cons Of NPM(Management Approach). And these pros and cons make this approach amazing overall.

Pros And Cons Of NPM(Management Approach)

Advantages Of New Public Management(NPM):

Pros show the real worth of any model. Let’s discuss the pros of this model one by one.

  • The main advantage of this amazing model was that it resolved all the issues that were faced by people or organizations using previous models.
  • When the Use of this model became casual. People start noticing the lack of corruption and other negative elements in organizations.
  • It works on 3Es Policy in which this model makes sure that efficiency, economy, and effectiveness of these are well dealt by this model.
  • This model makes sure that better services are provided with high security.
  • It has a feature named flexibility in which this model is working on freedom of choice where we can customize the things as well.
  • This model is also making sure that government organizations should not be able to consume more resources that are more than their requirements.
  • It works on more profit and for this purpose they follow the quote of spending less and earning more. That leads towards more growth.
  • This model works on providing more facilities to Common people. You can say that citizens are powerful in this management model.
  • Previous public management was biased in some cases but this new public management is not biased.

These were some advantages of this new model and that shows the vastness of it as well. Now read about the cons of it as well.

Cons Of New Public Management:

Everything has positive and negative aspects and it is up to us whether we use it in a positive way or a negative way. Similarly, models have pros and cons it is up to us which model we choose to use for our work. Let’s discuss the cons or disadvantages of New Public Management(NPM) here.

  • This New Public management gives more power to citizens which is also a drawback of it as well.
  • It is not a universal truth that private agencies work better as compared to government ones and this model gives the maximum project to a private agency.
  • NPM will accept the failure of private management.
  • Many people believe that the principle on which NPM is working from change of bureaucracy to a people-oriented or market-oriented approach will lead to loss. Doing so will cause the increase of corruption despite reducing it.

These were some disadvantages of NPM.