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Redfinger function
Em Lightweight Android Emulator
Probably the lightest Android emulator (smallest package size) with the littlest amount RAM consumption and no hardware requirements.
System genuine Android OS
Game new game -24/7 online
“Android on Server” ensures that Android virtual phones are always on and have a quick Internet connection.
Isol is totally isolated from the phone
The seeds happening in Redfinger are in Redfinger. Isolation is totally isolated from your device, so no battery is dead, no data is employed , and no phone source is employed .

★ Why Redfinger Cloud Android Phone? ★
Safe and reliable
Redfinger uses an absolutely authoritative client-server model and can not give hackers any chance. It also prevents data leakage thanks to theft of physical data or malware in remote applications.
Compatible with application compatibility / simple games.
Redfinger provides you with a cloud-based Android environment and therefore the ability to put in applications directly from Google Play, covering most applications and games with a couple of exceptions.
Accounts in parallel or multiple accounts
Redfinger Cloud Phone enables you to manage parallel applications and games. this enables you to play an equivalent game while logged in from two different accounts. Even using multiple devices directly .
Easy to put in and configure
The Redfinger Android emulator is little and lightweight . Installation is straightforward and with none errors. No driver required. No hardware requirements. The hassle-free interface is user-friendly.
High-speed performance
Redfinger Cloud Android launches and executes in seconds, saving you the time of switching between platforms. No horses, scraps and frozen foods . Fast internet connection. Provide an excellent Android gaming experience.

★ How does Android Redfinger Cloud phone work? ★
Redfinger Cloud Android smartphone platform may be a successful implementation of external mobile virtualization technology and virtual mobile infrastructure technology (VMI).
We successfully allowed ARM and ARM Virtual Server to host Redfinger 100% native Android OS hosted on a virtual machine (VM).
With the Redfinger app, you’ve got immediate access to the Redfinger virtual device, which works almost like an Android physical smartphone, except that the OS , data, and applications reside on a cloud-based virtual mobile device rather than a physical device.

VMOS lite may be a virtual machine (VM) APP software. Think of it as a virtual theme. VMOS lite are often installed on Linux or Android systems within the sort of ordinary APPs through VM technology.



Do you want to install another Android system on your phone? Do you want to install 2 identical applications on 1 phone? Does your phone meet the installation requirements for all applications? VMOS lite can help you solve these problems. VMOS lite may be a global application dedicated to making virtual Android on Android (a completely independent system), which may be a geek’s favorite. You can have two online social accounts and balance life and work on one device. VMOS lite is provided with photos in photo mode. Floating windows are displayed on other applications and have the power to tug and zoom freely. Wait, rock the video on YouTube. (YouTube background) Some games may have a VMOS light wallpaper. Another unique feature is the customizable resolution. The user can define the length, width and DPI as needed . The decisions you make are also recorded.


Q: am i able to clone the app on a true phone?


Answer: Yes. File → Select APP → Import


Q: What is the speed of VMOS lite?


Answer: In fact, it is fast. You don’t have to send data remotely.


A: VMOS lite needs these authorizations to raised simulate real phone scenarios.


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