Sandbox X8 Apk Download For Android | Sandbox X8

SandBox X8 Clone and run multiple accounts from the same application.

 Sandbox X8 is a tool that can clone an application and execute multiple accounts of the same application at the same time, which is a double space on the phone.  For many accounts, water clone is currently the best space access tool.

    Do you want to log in to two WhatsApp accounts on one mobile phone at the same time?  Do you want to log in to two facial accounts?  Do you need a double procedure?

Multiple Accounts
Sandbox X8 can help you access multiple accounts on the same phone and run two same applications at the same time.  Just like our application name, we can create a parallel double space on the phone, and then create a parallel cloned application on the phone.  Allows you to log in to multiple accounts at once.

    Main features
Manage multiple accounts on your mobile device and enjoy the convenience of storing work and personal accounts separately.  More game accounts, more fun!  Users can clone many Android game applications and play them at the same time.

    Verify that the correct root access (super user or su) is configured, and root control can be used to work normally!  Root Checker is a free, fast, and easy tool that has been used on more than 50 million Android devices. It tells users whether root access (super user) is installed and working properly.

    This app also provides an easy way for the latest Android users to control access to their root key (administrator, super user or su).  The application provides a very simple user interface, if the user has set the root login name (super user) correctly, the user can be easily notified.

    Why do we need to access storage space?
We need to copy some files to make the application work, and then read and run it, for this we need this permission.  Also need cleaning and booking.

    Why do we need Sandbox X8
Sandbox X8 assures us that all commands can be used on all versions of the Android system. This is a binary file that collects the most common binary files in a collection. Therefore, if one of the binary files is missing in the system, it will be located  Sandbox X8.