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The second rule for small businesses: Separate private number and business number

  Second phone number

Sideline gives you a second phone number on your smartphone, so you can easily share communications without being confused.

Sidline is not only the second rule for you and your business. This is a flexible personal communication application that provides your customers with many jobs they can use-not private jobs. Thousands of professionals use Sideline to help them connect with customers through a second dedicated phone number that will publish your professional caller ID and separate your second line of business from your private phone .

By creating custom business numbers, Sideline provides professionals like you with the opportunity to contact customers, build small businesses, and quickly and easily manage all contacts and communications. In fact, you will get an exclusive, personal, trouble-free work number to buy a second phone.

Sideline is the second line designed for professionals-to provide you with excellent features, such as:

  Automatic response

If you lack a call to the work line, Sideline will automatically respond with a personal private message.

Job Name SAM Theme

Use multiple devices to share large amounts of business so that your team or department can respond more to your work.

  Number of risks

Use the second personal number to establish your identity, such as “(555) PET-SHOP” or “(555) Flower”. Therefore, you can not only choose the flashing phone number, but also choose a more stable working line and professional identity.

  Native code

Search the area code to find the second local phone number for your business or small business.

Business text

Let your business easily connect with customers through a second job or your business.

  Dashboard intervention

Manage job numbers on employee devices. (Company account required. For more information, please see

Since Sideline is very helpful and effective in helping small businesses and professionals, we invite people to send their second phone number from Google to Sideline.

Other functions of the second telephone line

  Very responsible

All calls are mobile phones (not VoIP) to make your second phone number as reliable as your 1.

Unlimited call to the second line

The phone will use your existing service plan, so you do n’t need to recharge the second phone number.

  leave a message

SMS includes SMS and graphic messages, group messages, etc. Therefore, you retain all the features you need.

Customer ID of the number on your second mobile phone

It is clear which phone number is ringing, so you can prioritize accordingly.

  Special word pronunciation

Record professional greetings or prepare multiple greetings for each situation.

Vote for text

Save time and easily read voicemail records as text.

do not worry

In the evening, weekends or holidays, the call Sideline will be sent directly to voice mail.


Transfer an existing number to the sideline from another device or landline.

  Internet Message

Access your sideline numbers and text online from the online desktop.

Sideline is a business number, not a burning phone! For professionals who bring commitment, inspiration and innovation to small business owners, this is the second issue. Separate your private phone number and work number to conduct business more efficiently.

Download Sidline now and create the second line!


Automatic response

If you lack a call to the work line, Sideline will automatically respond with a personal private message.


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