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World Cup live Aia File is the best Aia for online Earning you can please your admob interstitial ad and can earn money easily by sharing this app with your friend it is easy to use just follow simple step and earn money.

How to edit Aia File
First of all you will be import this file to Kodular then wait for project opening after this your project will be open and horizontal arrangement and you will see the the icon of channels you can change the channel by uploading new channel for example just click on Channel click on upload file locate the file which is your channel I can just click on icon and click on upload after upload. your file will be uploaded on Kodular now you can edit your AIA file just simply click on edit and you can also change the firebase ID first of all go to your Google and search firebase you will be see firebase and just create a firebase project and just go to rules and set rules to and now you need to copy the URL of firebase and copy your and paste it on Kodular firebase option now go to again in firebase click on theree dot Icon and then project setting click on project setting you will see your firebase project just copy the firebase project URL and paste it to Kodular component

How to change Add Unit
Computer or mobile screen you will see the the ads option I have add a intersial add option just click on add option and replace your add unit just copy your ad from admob and paste here and click on ok your ad will be saved and next just click on test mode and uncheck the test mode now your app is ready

How to add more Adds
You can also add more ads in your app for example banner ad but you need to set the blocks if you want to add your own add just go to component and monitization component and then click on monetization component you will see all the monetization network just click on any network and drag and drop on screen now go to two blocks and set the all ads.

How To Add More Channels
You can also add your own channel just go to two user interface and click on button and drag and drop and set the blocks like I set other blocks just copy and test your new channel and link them to firebase and this is simple and easy step you can also add your own channels

How to use Your This App
This app is simply for button and only one firebase and only for Channels you can also control this app from firebase just go to firebase and go to database and create a bucket after this create a tag name you should store the value in tag and now just click on OK your tag value will be added you can easily manage this app four channels easyly

You can also update this app from firebase and you can also add your own TV channels Sports channel and every type of category channel this app provide you admob ads you can finally replace your ad it’s your own app you don’t need to do anything for it and you don’t need to pay anything. Thi pay for it I am giving you this free of cost.

Admin Aia File

Using admin Aia file You can control this app from firebase easyly admin app will be help you to change live TV channel links this is easy to use just input the tag name like as link one link to link 3 etc and just paste the link your link will be changed by clicking on change button

How To eidt Admin AIA File

Just import this app AIA file to Kodular and then go to firebase and copy the firebase link and token and just paste the component of codilar and click on OK and then import this APK to your mobile phone or computer now you can easily change the live channel links.

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