Difference Between Traditional And NPM(New Management)

Difference Between Traditional And NPM

Here We will discuss the Difference Between Traditional And NPM. First Discuss Public Sectors Model here.

(Public Sectors Model)

There is a number of public sectors in Pakistan. Some of them are given below.

  1. Pakistan Railways
  2. Pakistan State Oil (PSO)
  3. Radio Pakistan
  4. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)
  5. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO)
  6. Gujranwala Electric Power Company
  7. Lahore Transport Company (LTC)
  8. Pakistan Post
  9. State Life
  10. Pakistan Television Corporation
  11. Utility Stores Corporation
  12. Water And Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

These are some public sectors in Pakistan using the New public Management model. Besides these 12 there are many more public sectors in Pakistan. There are three models used for 

  • Classical Public Administration Model
  • New Public Management Model
  • Postmodern Public Administration Model

There are different perspectives on working with these models for public administration. 

  (Background Of Public Management)

Before NPM we were using Traditional Public Management. Let’s discuss some background of it. Public Management has a very old origin. At the start, Roman Developed a system to manage their internal affairs, military affairs, and many more. The traditional model of public management was made on a model of bureaucracy which was further meritocracy and hierarchy both. People were using this traditional model before the 1980s. Then they realized there are some deficiencies in this model. There were deficiencies like corruption, most resources used by the government lack of efficiency, lack of effectiveness, and many more. People concluded that there are many similarities between public administration and private administration and their differences are few. Then they think that both of them should merge and their merging leads make a new model named New Public Management(NPM).

(Why NPM)

As we have seen in the recent past with the passage of time people want innovation in their lives and that leads to the innovation of new technologies. Similarly, People were criticizing the old traditional model of public management because that was not meeting the requirements of users. We have already discussed that people were facing issues like impartiality, accountability to politics, corruption, imbalance in resource management between public and private management, lack of effectiveness, less efficiency, and many more attributes like that. These problems were overcome by the new Public Management. That’s why we switched to it.

(Difference Between Traditional And NPM)

Researchers who are researching the New management models rate this Npm higher as compared to the traditional management model because this New management is up to date. And the researchers who are working on drawbacks or criticism of this new model rate this model less than the traditional one. This new management model said that using this model there will be less corruption but when this model came into being people faced many corruption problems. Because this model works on de-bureaucratization and that could lead to corruption as well. And the researchers who are working on this attribute rate the traditional model more than this one.

People were facing issues in traditional Public management and because of this people criticized that technique as well. As everything evolves with the passage of time. That’s why they need such new public management that should be able to contribute to the market as well. And most importantly this feature resolved the many problems of people as well. But there are some drawbacks or disadvantages of using this NPM over traditional ones like increasing corruption, more decentralization, and trust in private management. As I mentioned above that every model has some positive and negative features. Many countries are using this model to overcome their problems. If this model suits our requirements then we should definitely use it.

(Conclusion Of Difference Between Traditional And NPM)

The traditional Model played a vital role in the early and mid 19th centuries. And that model resolves people’s problems as well. That’s why you can not deny its services. But with the passage, our requirements from the management model increased day by day. And those requirements were not fulfilled by the traditional management model. That model was based on bureaucracy and in my opinion, management should bureaucratization. When there is bureaucratization the management should be best. On the other hand, the New public management model works on De-Bureaucratization. In this NPM all members have equal powers while that is at the top level or low level. According to my opinion that is not good because members at a low level don’t have much knowledge to handle. And Other factors of new public management are good enough and updated.