Telos Free Number & Unlimited Calls Apk Download

The second toll-free number serves as a new call line and unlimited text.

. Choose a free phone number in any area code
Enjoy unlimited calling and SMS plans
. Save a lot of international calls and SMS
. Add the second, third or even fourth line on the phone or tablet
Smart phone numbers assist you manage your life and work
★ No contract, no commitment, no need to change the SIM card or change the telephone company to enjoy Telos telephone service

Toll free
-Choose a free phone number in the US and provide any area code you need
-You also can choose fake numbers that AT & T or Verizon might not provide
-Unlimited call and SMS plan for ordinary phone calls and SMS
-Enjoy free calls and SMS via WiFi or mobile data-No need to pay for phone calls
-Receive calls and incoming text messages from anyone in any country
-Ideal for traveling abroad. Your friends and family in the United States can be reached from no distance

. Real phone number
Telos phone number is a real phone number, so it can be exactly the same as the phone number in your phone number
✓ Can answer calls and text messages from anyone
You can use the new phone number as a contact number for bank accounts, services and websites
Can be sent to your phone company
. Design voice messages and auto reply messages
. Block unwanted calls and messages
Call all landlines and mobile phones

With Telos phone number, you can add the second or third line on your phone / tablet without additional SIM card.

Global phone number
Telos provides international phone numbers for many countries:
. United States
. United Kingdom
. Canada
. Spain
. Netherlands
. Sweden
. Belgium
. …
Get a local phone number to enjoy local services when traveling abroad. No longer pay high roaming fees for interacting with local friends, Uber executives, hotels and restaurants

. Save on international calls and SMS
-Make free international calls-even free-call any mobile or country phone number in more than 200 countries
-Low-cost international calling plan is available in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Nigeria and other countries.
-Send international texts to any mobile device worldwide at a very low price
-Your friends do not need the Telos app to get text

Turn your Android phone or tablet into a burning phone!
* Get available phone numbers to stay private and anonymous
* You can “burn” the phone number with one click, so you will no longer receive calls and text messages
* The burned number will immediately exit the business and be deleted from the mobile phone. Then you can get one, two, three or more new phone numbers with the same function
* In any case where a temporary or anonymous call is required, please use Telos phone number and burn it as soon as it is passed

Smart phone numbers assist you manage your life and work
-Get unused Telos phone number
-Use a temporary phone number as your secure appointment or Airbnb personal number
-Buy and sell on Craigslist completely anonymously
-Create a second line to manage your work and life

Voice clear voice-no phone minutes
-Make calls and send text messages via WiFi or mobile data immediately
-Quickly and easily set up the second, third and even fourth phone line without changing the SIM card.
-Even if your mobile phone signal is weak, Telos phone number will work

With Telos HD sound technology, most calls have excellent intelligibility compared to existing regular telephone services.

Telos is the best free phone number application download to free you from phone business.
Choose a new phone number and immediately enjoy unlimited local and international text messages and calls!

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